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Open Adoption:
Double the Love

  • Linda R. Sexton

I Signed With Publisher Histria Books!

Friends and Family--I am one step closer to publication of The Branches We Cherish: An Open Adoption Memoir. I signed a contract with Histria Books and publication is expected February 20, 2024. I am holding the 2023 catalog in this picture, and my book will be in the 2024 catalog. I can’t wait to post that picture!

I am excited to share that all author profits will go towards organizations that help birth parents and adoptees post-placement. There is a great need for these services so this book can help educate and also raise funds for this important work.

I have known for a long time that I wanted to share our open adoption story to help those who come after us. When I started my writer’s journey, I knew a lot about adoption but nothing about the publishing industry--I had everything to learn.

One of my biggest surprises was how much work there is beyond writing a manuscript--it takes years for most people to get from idea to publication and I am no exception. Here are some highlights of my five-year journey:


- Gathered notes and documents from our two adoptions

- Started to write


- Joined Amelia Island Writers group

- Signed up for ‘How to Publish a Book’ webinars

- Interviewed family and birth family members involved in the book

- Completed first rough draft of manuscript


- Received inputs from beta readers

- Started revisions

- Researched adoption statistics and academic papers

- Read multiple books on adoption


- Joined a work-in-progress writers’ group

- Reorganized manuscript three times

- Created an author web site

- Hired a professional editor

- Sent query letters to 40 + publishers and agents

- Entered into Writers’ League of Texas manuscript contest and received expert feedback

- Entered into Florida Writers Royal Palm Literary Awards and won Gold

- Continued to edit, edit, edit


- Signed with Histria Books Publishing

- Queried authors and adoption experts for book endorsements

- Working with publisher on cover design, reviews and marketing plan

Histria, located on the Black Sea coast near the mouth of the Danube, was an important center of culture, commerce, and civilization in the ancient world. Histria Books continues the legacy of its namesake, publishing general interest books, fiction and literature, and children’s books, as well as scholarly books in broad range of categories. Originally established in 1996 as an academic publishing house, since 2017, Histria Books is an independent publishing house with offices in Las Vegas and Palm Beach. They are a multinational publishing company and I am excited about their presence in both the U.S. and Europe.

I will be published under Gaudium Publishing--one of six imprints for Histria Books. Gaudium Publishing is an imprint dedicated to books on contemporary lifestyle, culture, sports, and politics, as well as biography and autobiography. Books published under the Gaudium imprint seek to challenge established norms.

You can learn more about Histria Books at:

Please visit and share my website with anyone you know who is interested in adoption. Be sure to sign up at the bottom of the home page to get my latest (not too frequent) news!

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Apr 13, 2023

Remarkable journey, Linda!


Mar 28, 2023

Congratulations Linda. Fantastic accomplishment! 👏👏🥂


Unknown member
Mar 28, 2023

This has been such an amazing journey for you! Thank you for sharing the process so others may learn from it.

Congratulations! I’m so happy for you🎉


Mar 28, 2023

Congratulations to you, Linda! I am so happy that you are being rewarded for all your efforts to tell your family’s story! Your perseverance will be helpful to others that are in need of your experience and encouragement in adoption! Way to go!!!

Unknown member
Mar 28, 2023
Replying to

I cannot see who wrote this but THANK YOU. All of this encouragement is much needed and appreciated! Linda


Unknown member
Mar 27, 2023

Linda!!! Biggest congratulations! I know you‘ve had this intention in your heart for a long time - to see it come to fruition like this is beyond amazing! With much admiration and love - LB

Unknown member
Mar 28, 2023
Replying to

You are the best Lidia! Cant wait to see you soon and admiration right back at you! Linda



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