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Open Adoption:
Double the Love

  • Linda R. Sexton

Excerpt from Truth #6 Birth Grandmothers Are Often Integral to the Adoption Plan

“We fell into this love story, and my faith in God carried all of us.”

~Beth, Birth Grandmother

This is a story of opening our hearts to open adoption, having no idea of the rules, guidelines, or boundaries. Navigating a sixteen-year-old son who was heartbroken, struggling with depression, and yet, a boy we were incredibly proud of for making a decision no child should ever have to make. Courageous love is the best way to describe it. We all had to be brave, and I decided from the very beginning this was a family adventure, one we would take together, for better or worse.


So, the summer of 1999 began a family tradition of making a birthday gift for Sofie. Every year on her birthday, we wanted her to know what a precious gift she was to us and how very much she was loved! There was always a conversation about what gift, ideas thrown around, and in some years more involvement than others, but always a gift from her birth father’s family. Our goal was a gift we could all sign or participate in making, to give a strong message, “We are here, and we love you.”

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